500 error opening antMan

500 error opening antMan

This usually means the root partition is full or Docker is not using Zfs or the zpool is full.
First ssh to the antsle's command line?

    ssh root@x.x.x.x

or if on Windows use Putty

We can check if the root '/' partition is full with

    df -h /

If it is full, we can check for large files with 

    for file in `find / -xdev -type f -size +200M` ; do ls -lh $file | awk '{printf "%s\t%s\n", $5, $9;}' ; done

If it is safe to remove the file, use the following command

    rm /path/to/file

To check docker zfs storage, see this article Fix Docker ZFS Storage

To check the zpools run

    zpool list

The CAP column show the percent full and the FREE column the free space.

If the antlets zpool is full or nearly full, I would first try to remove any unused templates. An unused
template is a template from which no antlet has been created.
You can see the list of templates with

    ll /antlets/_templates

To remove a template use

    zfs destroy -r antlets/_templates/TEMPLATENAME

Note, there is no leading '/' in the path.
This will error if an existing antlet is dependent on the template.
If you get a 'data set is busy' error, then remove the directory first then run the zfs destroy again.

    rm -rf /antlets/_templates/Win2016
    zfs destroy -r antlets/_templates/Win2016

If there are any antlets you can delete, lets remove those. Here is a guide on removing antlets from the command line:

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